Hyundai Q320 v BENQ3250


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Hi all

Had a burglary about a month ago, so been forced into replacing every piece of electronic trickery in the house.

Been reading this forum for the last month in the hope it would point me in the right direction as to which set is the 'best', or the most suitable, and while its helped answer many questions, its also caused many sleepless nights!!!

Orignally planned to get a 42" plasma (hyundai HQP421HR for £1250), but finally realised that the living room just aint big enough.

So then, downscaled things a bit, and looking for a smaller LCD. Viewing wise im into my DVD's, and love TV. Gettin sky at christmas, although wont be gettin HD sky for at least another year. Not into any type of console, so 360, ps3 or whatever doesnt interest me.

Read loads of reviews re. loads of sets, and narrowed it down to either the new Hyundai Q320 (8ms response & DVI-HDCP), or the BenQ....possibly the 37" model if i go for benq.

Looking for some form of longevity for my set, as not in the habit of blowing 1000 every other year. As long as the set makes it I should be keeping this baby for 4/5 years, by which time SKY HD should be more plentiful & my little girl will be old enough to badger me for a tidy console.

Any views on these 2 makers would be welcome....good, bad, anything. The Hyundai is the lastest model with no reviews, & the Benq has a few reviews...all good.



p.s. the other option is to blow 300 for a 32" CRT & get some new double glazing!


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The first batch of the Q320 will be available first week in November.
There are two flavours, one with a 14-1 MultiMedia Player, (Q321) the other without (Q320)

Reviews will follow but at the moment its that new, there isnt any physical stock of the product in Europe.

Where did you see it listed just out of interest???


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Novatech have justed added it to their listing for 938 (inc vat)....none in stock by the looks of it though!!

Trawled through most other Hyundai suppliers & it seems theyve all got plentiful stock of the HQL320WR....but no mention of the newer model


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Hi coolcurly

Hope you dont me asking, but got a question in respect of the Hyundai, and juding by your posts on this site u seem quite knowledgabe about this make.

Whats the score with the tuners? Hyundais webiste says its got an integreated analogue & digital tuner...this something to do with the American market?? Novatech states its got an integrated DVB-T tuner...whats that all about.

Thanks in advance


p.s. I could be mistaken, but based on what u said about the Q320/Q321 models I think someone should tell Hyundai....on their website they got the 320 as having the 14 in 1 card reader!!


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Hi mate,

Both the Q320 and Q321 have in built DVB-T tuners. Alot of specs in the states are totally different, plus even in the last 2 months specs from the factory have been "tuned" as the market moves so fast.

The 14-1 tuner is on the Q320 sorry...

As the specs are still so new, Novatech are the only ones who so far have "published" them, although most of the others do have them. As you can see from the price difference its much higher then the current HQL320WR but you are getting much more for the money, and a newer design.

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