Hyundai Q17


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This TFT Monitor won a Toms Hardware roundup.

But has anyone found it available in the UK?


Originally posted by Jackass
R U on commission from hitachi or something :D
I wish :(

Nope, just have a Hitachi & am very happy with it. I've owned 5/6 LCDs over the last 5/6 years (& used many of those currently available) & the Hitachi is the best, bar none.



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Originally posted by Kramer
No DVI & 20ms response :(
I thought it did have DVI?

And anyway, reading on TomsHardware seems to suggest that the current crop of 16ms ones aren't too good anyway.


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And anyway - I don't actually have the money to buy such a thing a the moment ...

I just want something interesting to go on the Wedding List :D

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