Hyundai Plasma £2K all in???

Been available at Comet too for some time. Never seen anyone owning it on here tho.
looks nice spec but i think its the same screen as the one sky use so if it is its not to hot
Yes the spec sems too good to be true at that price, if your correct and it is the Sky screen then if the reports and tests are to be believed it is a naff screen..........Ok maybe a bit harsh......
not so good screen? LOL

Best regards David
I had a good look at the Hyundai in Comet the other day. It was displaying Ice Age (seems to be popular with plasma demo's) and looked absolutely fantastic. Really!!! The only thing was that the on screen menus are a real pain to use, and it only has 1 scart.

I'm probably going to buy this one or the Techwood. Not sure. The Techwood has 4 scarts (2 RGB) and I need to connect a Telewest box, PS2 and DVD player, none of which have component output, but the Hyundai does have component for future upgrades... hmm Anyone recommend a good scart multiplexer or scart>component converter. :D Both also have DVI and D-SUB so equal there.

Has anyone here bought the Hyundai or Techwood recently? I know from a search on this forum that there are opposing opinions on the Techwood, however when I spoke to the salesman in Currys he said that the new ones say "Techwood by LG" on the box and I have to say that the picture quality looked great to me.

Specs on these are really hard to find. Does anyone know if they have any anti-burn settings?

The other issue is that some web reviews/comments say that these panels are not progressive scan. :confused: I thought all plasmas were progressive by design, sort of like saying that some LCDs aren't progressive.

Finally, although the general consensus is to buy the Panny 42PWD6, I reckon this could end up a tad on the expensive side after you've bought the connector boards you need. Any advice?

Both the Hyundai and Techwood are now £1799.00

P.S. Apologies for reviving an old thread (at least I brought it back on topic!!) and OK this may be a bit long for my first post. :oops:
We used to sell the Hyundai where I worked (well they did, I used to avoid pushing it).

The menu system was awful and the screens were notorious for faulty pixels.

As for installing the awful stand - fuhgetaboutit!
If your going to spend £1800, why not go that little bit further and get something half decent??
Richer Sounds are doing a Daewoo 42" plasma for £1500. Got about 3.5/5 in the reviews. You can buy a better screen but it'll cost you 50% more.

RS are also doing a graded LG for £1400.
Sorry to bump this thread up but we sale this plasma at work and the picture is shockingly bad. Hooked up to Sky+ with a great scart lead.

I imagine the settings have never been fiddled with so what do you recommend changing them to as the menu isn't the greatest.

When i say it looks bad i mean it looks like foreign TV.

i.e. no sharpness, ultra bright reds etc...
or get the goodman 42" at argos for £1500 (4 scart twin tuner)
or get the samsung 42" online for £1789 (2 scart twin tuner)
I have this exact screen , and it has a very good picture - my mates all have other makes of plasma and we all agree that the hyundai has the best picture out of the 4 tvs we own between us , especially for the likes of sky - which has really deep , rich colour and no artifacting or interference bars - which is excellent considering i have - sky and a dvd recorder and a gcube plugged into its only scart socket through a switching box - an xbox plugged into the composite jacks - a ps2 into the rgb input jacks (cant run both xbox and ps2 at the same time tho - but who would want to ?) i also have a sony 6.1 theater system plugged into everything - with an optical splitter in each of the 2 inputs on the back of the sony decoder - giving four optical in , coming from the xbox , ps2 , hifi and dvd recorder , i also have two audio leads - coming from a plug thru from the ps2 connector and the sky and dvd recorder into my hifi so that i can play the sound thru the sony theatre system and use the systems 6 speakers and the hifis 6 speakers at the same time giving 12 speakers in all !!! - I had a little sync problem with the sound until i got the cable length right and now it is spot on . I also have a pc plugged into the DVI in connector and it seems to work fine now that i have gotten my head round the nview display configuration manager and the pc is plugged into audio jacks in the sony theatre system and again the hifi . So connectivety is not a problem - and even with all this plugged in - i recieve zero interference which i am more than happy about . The only gripe with this screen is that the built in speakers are cack - but if you are plugging it into a theatre system or you can find some cheap speakers - which most folk will after paying 2gs for a tv then it negates this problem .

Overall this is a good entry level plasma - and currys are selling it for 1499 quid over the weekend - buy it!!!
Well had a quick fiddle with the settings (if you work in a shop you'll know how busy Sundays are so didn't get much of a chance) and it looks a heck of a lot better now.

However, it still lacks the crispness of the Philips, Panasonic and LG plasms's we have.

What now?

Can someone post up the settings they have theirs on please.
Not surprised, I'm being begged to buy them at ridiculous trade prices, simply not interested though.
What's the trade price if you dont mind me asking?

There are loads of better alternatives for the money (Such as a top range 32/36 CRT) but some people want to own "plasma". They now can for a low price.
best I've had after telling the salesman to go away for 20 mins was 1199. It's not worth the hassle for £75, all the failures, and people not happy with the picture. I'd have Stephen Wilde on my back before a week was out. And in this case rightly so, for selling junk.
I havn't seen a better plasma for £1500.

Admittedly, there are much better offerings from Panny and Pioneer. But they are twice the price.

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