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Hyundai Image Quest HQL 320

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by VanBurenPhilips, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. VanBurenPhilips

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    Apr 6, 2005
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    Hi all.

    My first post here, searched but couldn't find the info I'm after, so sorry if this has been discussed. I'm looking into buying a Hyundai Imagequest HQL320, I don't know much about LCD or Plasma TVs, but the little scraps of info I've found about this LCD on the web seem positive, and to my untrained eye it looks pretty good on paper:

    Hyundai ImageQuest's official page (you need to click the NTSC or PAL buttons for specs)

    Tiger Direct's product listing

    ...it doesn't have a DVI input, but I think I'll manage without one. The 1000:1 contrast ratio is unusually good for a unit at this price, right? Only thing that concerns me is the response time, which I've seen listed as 25ms or 15 + 8ms. I was just wondering if anyone owns or has seen this set in action; I'd like to know if there is any smearing. I'll be using the set for watching TV (not HD, not yet anyway) but I'm not too bothered about the quality of this; I'll mainly be using it for movies and videogames, and quality here is my main concern; I'll also be using it as a PC monitor, but again this is not a major point.

    If I can watch DVDs and play games on it (edit: both of which I'll be doing on my Xbox via component) without very obvious smearing or whatever else arises from a poor response time, I'll probably snap one up right away. Otherwise, I think I'll wait and save for a better model (but even the pricier ones I've seen don't have such a good contrast ratio).

    You guys obviously have a lot more experience than me (I haven't even looked around in stores to see this type of TV in action), so if you see any warning signs about this set that haven't occurred to me, your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Only other slight problem I may have is finding a European dealer who will ship to England. Haven't been able to find one of these for sale in the UK yet.

    I also have the opportunity to pick up a Maxent 27" MX-27X2 (link, another link) for about £600 including shipping from the US, but I suspect this set might be a bit rubbish.

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