Hyundai BD-E1004- opinions please


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Hi i have been looking at these Hyundai Multicav Surround Sound Speaker Set 1150 Watts MAX - 99,90 GBP and was wondering on opinions on quality and value for money, starting off a low budget set up and am wondering if these will run ok with a Marantz SR 4200 receiver and possibly be running a Tannoy 625i ALF.

Any opinions or advice would be great as I am new to this sort of set up have previously just been running a straight out the box 5.1 system


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Well they are ordered and due to be delivered to today so mybe I will be the first to comment on quality lol.
Like I said this is my first proper set up like this so didn't want to go and spend silly money quiet yet that can come later. :rolleyes:


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I've sent mobilevaleter a PM, to see if he was interested in responding back to this thread, and give us his opinion on these speakers. I don't expect them to sound great, but they are practically free, so if they sound good for the money, that's still not too bad.

That site that is linked to has a lot of amazingly low priced equipment. I'm not sure I trust any of it, but you have to admit these speakers certainly look cool -

Pair LTC SP-800 4-way pyramid hi-fi speakers - 99,90 GBP



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I have some MS 902is, and 904i.
I am looking for rears, and these hyundais caught my eye. They look way expensive and priced way cheap.

Hopefully its more than just show as I know Hyundai only for there heavy industries (Ships and Cars)

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