Question Hyperfi?? What they like? Anyone bought AV stuff from them?


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any of you used Hyperfi online retailer?
They seem to sell a lot of B Stock stuff whatever that is, prices seem very good but only a years warranty

what they like to deal with and if you have warranty issues before I shell out dosh on a new Denon AVR

would prefer to use Richer Sounds but limited stock in what I want and not the colour either... 🤦‍♂️


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I didn't know they were still operating to be honest. They used to have a couple of stores in Essex which were very much piles of brown boxes and end of line stock, I assume they must have gone online only to reduce costs.
To be honest, although I used to live near their stores I never bought anything from them then, and I would be wary of doing so now. I don't know the source of their stock or how kosher it is. Just my opinion, perhaps others have a different one.

Just taken a look at the site, they claim to sell both ex-demo and "graded" stock, with the graded stock being kit that has been returned to the manufacturer for one reason or another. They actually claim that the vast majority of these returns are just due to a "tatty box", but I'm not buying that!
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I emailed them once for information about a product purchase (B stock) they said it would be delivered direct from the manufacturer with 12 month warranty.


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Asked about condition, they said could be anything from minor marks to badly damaged.



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