Hydravision or Ultramon to fix this

Discussion in 'Computer Components' started by Tempest, Sep 24, 2004.

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    I'd like to use Hydravision to sort this out but not sure if it will do this:

    Using a X800 Pro Graphics card (two outputs)
    I run my PC on my monitor at 1600x1200
    Also having a projector connected to the 2nd video out port.

    The projector is set as my secondary display and is at a lower res than my primary monitor. Also windows is set to "Extend desktop onto secondary monitor" which I understand is the right way to do it.

    When I wish to watch a DVD I go to windows display properties and change the secondary display to be the primary display.

    The DVD playback software then opens up it's window on the now primary display which is now on the projector.

    After finished the DVD I make my PC display the primary display again and alls well.

    Apart from one thing. My Icons are all messed about on my PC monitor I guess as windows thinks the primary display is at a lower res and repositions them.

    Although not as important, it would be nice to have a seperate wallpaper on the secondary display and also some icons to stay there too.

    Would Hydravision allow all this to work smoothly, or is it's main role to allow multiple (virtual) screens on your PC monitor ?
    Would I need Ultramon to do what I need ?

    I don't really need all the Ultramon will offer (overkill) hence I'm hoping Hydravision may be enough.

    Anyone ?

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