'Hybrid' surround possible ? (eARC Soundbar plus AVR for sub and rear)


Unclear which of the subforums this may best fit into, I think this one seems most likely, apologies mods if I'm wrong.

I have a Sony A80J and bought a Sonos Arc soundbar at the same time. I play the majority of my content from a PC connected to the TV via HDMI. Whilst this setup is OK, I'm curious as to the benefit that a sub and rear speakers could bring.

What I am considering is connecting my aged Denon AVR-2308 to the optical out of the TV, and using my (wired) subwoofer and rear speakers. I had a quick try at this, using a youtube Dolby 5.1 test signal, and everything is only coming via the Sonos. I appreciate it's a somewhat bizarre config, and I would ideally add to the Sonos setup with their kit, but as I had the AVR sitting around anyway... Anyone have a view as to whether this setup could be made to work ?


using a youtube Dolby 5.1 test signal
YT only uses a stereo signal. All those people that put up 5.1 'tests' don't understand how YT works. That is why you are only getting the soundbar to work, there is no signal going to the Denon. Play something from Sky or Netflix that has a native 5.1 broadcast.

In theory it should work. How good it will sound is another matter. It's not something I would do, I'd rather stick with the old Denon.


Thanks for the reply - I'd seen some comments about YouTube supporting 5.1 (but this doesn't seem to be the case for it running in Chrome on a PC, nor for the YouTube app on my Bravia). I'd avoided jumping directly into a surround movie as wanted to isolate the channels with a test signal... which as it turns out ended up wasting my time.

Got things working in the end, though far from a worthwhile experience.

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As per @gibbsy YouTube only supports 2.0!

If I follow your plan I think trying to sync the Soundbar plus the AVR/Speakers/Sub would prove to be pretty much impossible.


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