Hybrid sleep S3 vista & Blackgold DVB-T PCI card


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I noticed the problems that everyone is having with a Blackgold PCI-Express card and Vista not coming out of sleep mode correctly.

I have the PCI single tuner DVB-T card and the same problem on Vista Ultimate.

Spec as follows
Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 board
AMD 64 3200 cpu
Sapphire Radeon X800GTO2 graphics
1GB Crucial ram
Hyper 425W PSU

Goes into hybrid sleep no problem and starts back up ok if no recording is scheduled.
But if a recording is set, it might start up and record the first, then might or might not go back to sleep and will never record the second programme.

I've gone through all the power settings, hybrid sleep is enabled, installed a fresh copy of Vista with S3 set in the Bios. All drivers are up to date for motherboard, graphics and latest Bios on the motherboard, still will not work correctly.

Has anyone any suggestions?

E-mailed GTA about the tuner card but no reply back.


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I did give those beta drivers a go last week and it brought up a different entry in device hardware. Trouble is they did not work, so I guess that they are only for the PCI-express cards.

I'm just wondering if anyone has one of these cards working correctly using S3?

Just looking through the Event Viewer, (vista diagnostics) and I am finding a recurring entry, at approxmiate times when recordings should start. It reads "Temporary failure caused by either a system malfunction or power loss". Digging a bit deeper and there are numerous devices or software at fault each time it tries to start.
A standard message comes up such as "the driver responded slower than expected to the resume request while servicing this request" Each time there is a different device such as my graphics card, infra-red bus enumerator, etc or an application fault such as spooler, explorer, etc.

I'm starting to think is this a Microsoft problem? As I said this PC has a newly installed Vista Ultimate, so there should be no corruption at all.

I wonder????????????


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A new driver has been posted on the GTA website

for BlackGold PCI & PCI-E tuner cards version

Tried installing it with my PCI single tuner card and device manager will not recognize it.

Sent a mail to GTA about this, not to confident as I am still awaiting a reply from 2 weeks ago.

Anyone else have these drivers working with a PCI card?


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Did anyone try these new drivers, especially on a PCI card?

Still awaiting a reply from GTA, very poor support. Just thinking whether to get rid of this tuner and buy a Hauppauge twin tuner as their new drivers seem to be working well and I had a reply from their customer support within a couple of minutes of sending them mail.


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Picked up a Hauppauge T 500 PCI twin tuner from PC World last night for £59. Just fed up with the support or lack of it from GTA/BlackGold, still to have a reply.

Installed easily and set it record a few programmes overnight and this morning.
Just had a look, in hybrid sleep(S3) which it came out of easily with no frozen screen and everything that I had set it to record, it had recorded.

So there is no other explanation other than a poor set of drivers as I have altered no settings other than uninstalling the BlackGold drivers and installing the Hauppauge ones.


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i picked up the hauppauge card for £45 odd from ebuyer with their google checkout discount :)

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