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It's been about 7 years since I had a formal quote for installing an AirSource Heat Pump.

Since then, the technology has improved, and prices have dropped. Also, there's the Renewable Heat Incentive to consider - and the emergence of so-called Hybrid Heat Pumps, whereby Gas Boiler and AirSource Heat Pump are combined. The idea is that the Heat Pump does all the work until the coldest of days when the Gas Boiler does the work.

Has anyone had such a system installed, and what is your opinion of it?

I can see that a 'monoblock' AirSource Heat Pump (such as Mitsubishi EcoDan) can be added to an existing Gas Boiler. Now that I'm looking at retirement, the Hybrid approach seems to make economic sense, as it will be engaged during most days rather than the conventional twice daily heating demand requirement.


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Our air source heat pump has been in operation since March, over spring and summer. It’s not dissimilar to what you describe, except when it gets too cold for our pump to run, it uses our oil boiler. It’ll just as easily fall back to gas if required.

Most ASHP owners in the UK use Mitsubishi, Hitachi or Daiken ASHPs, so it should be interesting to see how a British manufactured ASHP, made for the British climate, will perform and compare.

As part of this video, I’ve addressed our coefficient of performance (COP), performance and efficiency, the control panel and settings for the ASHP, noise rating and some general thoughts.

I will do a follow up video in autumn and winter to provide a full performance and efficiency comparison.

Additional information and data sheets: Air Source Heat Pump Review: Caernarfon 18kW ASHP – My Home Farm

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