Hybrid amps


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Always thought a tube preamp and solids state power amp might be an interesting proposition (some day, may be) combining the open soundstage of the valve with the bass control of the power amp. I know DK Designs, Unison Research and Copland have done this in the past with Class AB power amps in integrated amps but came across the Rogue Audio Pharaoh in a for sale add and with a bit of digging found it’s an interesting beast. An Integrated amp with Valve preamp and Hypex ucd400 class D power amp modules. Review seem favourable.

So, it makes me wonder what the full fat valve preamp Rogue Audio 99 Magnum (around £1k used) and a Nord Purifi 1ET400A power amp might sound like. If any one has done this or heard similar setups then be interesting to hear your views.

Just a bit of Friday musing.


No idea on modern amps, but ~30 years or so ago (and in a far foreign land) I had a kit-based hybrid system. I had a tube preamp, an active crossover, and three MOSFET power amps - driving 2-way speakers and a passive dual sub. Front end was a Denon DCD-820 CD player. I loved it :)

(I actually still have all the parts in various places, and I could theoretically get it all together again)


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Audio Analogue the Italian audio company back in the day use to manufacture integrated tube/class A SS amps. I own one and its a beast of an amp. Its the only piece of kit that I've managed to keep a hold onto for 25 years or so.


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Probably the best combination. That phatter valve sound combined with the reliability of a class A / AB power amp.

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