HXD710 Problem? Just my Luck


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Jan 13, 2004
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UPDATE Please read in conjunction with my posting below.

Hi all; I don't post here very often because I don't buy TV's or stuff very often. However, a couple of years ago I bought a new Sony Integrated TV (Sony KD28DL10U) and reported a banding problem Sony at first denied problems then agreed there was a problem with early versions and issued a fix which their engineers then came round and did free of charge.

This week I just took delivery of the new HXD710 DVD recorder as I'd been waiting for these to come out with an integrated Freeview tuner. So plugged it in, set it up (today) and off we go. Initial reaction fairly positive until I notice that when in RGB output mode there are some faint vertical lines (and an echo of the channel title name or so it seems) running left to right across the tv. Tried all the usual such as changing the scart lead but it is definitely there whenever the tv is being fed the rgb signal. I tried the video output and it doesn't seem to be there. However, the picture is nowhere near as good. Any one else got this? If you have one and want to check: set the scart output to rgb and make sure it is into an rgb input on the tv then tune to blank channel on the video and look carefully at the screen. Is this dejavu (i.e. an inherent problem) or just me being unlucky or even me doing something very stupid? I'd like to hear from anyone else who has one. I'll keep you posted when I've got a replacement.
Ok its time to put my hands up and say sorry Sony. Having had a bad experience in the past I jumped in rather fast to query if there was a problem. However, before going further I decided to go and buy a well shielded quality Scart lead. When I replaced the cheaper one I had installed (and I had tried two different ones) the problem disappeared. So if your having problems with the RGB quality; get a good scart! Note to Sony why not include a good Scart in the box? It might prevent a lot of service calls.

As for the previous poster saying that the display is not easy to see from below; well yes it does start to cut off the display when viewed from below. I have mine mounted on a shelf just above the tv and its ok for me but if it were higher up on a wall unit or rack it would become difficult to see. That said I don't really depend on the display on the unit but the onscreen menus etc. so don't find it a big deal.

So far very pleased with the unit and quality, mind you anything would be miles ahead of my old bog standard dvd player!
Glad you're sorted out now. It just goes to show that decent quality cables are an important factor to consider in the overall system, although there's no need to spend a fortune on them!

I have been having the same "ghosting" problem you describe with my sony 710
What make/model of scart lead did you use

I just used the best one I could find in Argos (Pure av quad shielded) as I needed one quick to test it. It worked fine although I suspect that any well shielded quality scart will do the trick.

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