Hwo long do you charge N73 for first time?


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My N73 arrived today. Been ages since i had a new phone so just thought I would ask if you still need to charge it for somethign liek 16 hours

ALso how do you get the memery card slot open? the diagram shows it hinged on the left hand side but mine doesnt seem to work like that and I am afraid i will break it!



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My N73's battery was quite full on opening the box and when i asked the shop assistant, he said just charge it overnight and that'll be fine.

With the phone's screen looking at you, the memory card slot comes up from the right hand side. Use a nail or carefully a fork and just lift it up. It is tricky but it will come out.



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According to the manual you charge it until the battery indication bars are complete - not necessarily overnight...


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I dont have a N73 but everytime i get a new handset i always let it charge for at least 8 hours just to be on the safe side rather than the chance of getting dead battery problems later on.


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My battery was full when I got mine, I was told to use it until it shutdown (i.e completely discharged) then charge it for 16 hours.


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I charged it for 16 hours and all is ok apart from the fact that the camera does not work so O2 are swapping it for another N73 on wed!

When get new phone will use battery until it dies then charge for 12 hours or so as that seems the best option

Thanks for all your replies

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