HV20 v HG10?


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Guys, thanks for your help on my newbe thread, after much deliberation I think it's a straight fight between the Canons - HV20 and HG10. What are your thoughts?

I'm attracted by the no tape option of the HG. I run a Macbook Pro so editing AVCHD not an ish but I'm concerned (I think but don't really understand the jargon!) about the 24p performance of the HG, is it really a ish am I going to notice it filming the little man and skiing trips?

Thanks in advance for the advice.


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All this about 24p stems from our American cousins, whose cams record at 60i (60fps interlaced). Now when this is deinterlaced it comes out at 30p, or thirty frames per second progressive.

Now, film is shot at 24fps and it's progressive to start with and never deinterlaced. Thus there is a big difference between the video that the Yanks shoot and the movies they watch at a movie theater. 24p was invented for them to mimic the effect of movies shot at 24fps.

But in PAL land our cams work at 50i, or 50fps, which transmutes to 25p natively, without any jiggery-pokery. The difference between 25p and 24p is so little to make no difference, so it shouldn't be considered a big deal here.

Of course, it may be that I have got hold of completely the wrong end of the stick, in which case somebody will put me straight very soon, I expect.

As to which cam to get, well, again, it's horses for courses and ony you can decide which features are most important to you.


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Rhubarbe has it correct, and it's not really an issue if you get the US model. The US ones will do 24p, the ones here 25p.... it's just that 24p needs to do something called 3:2 pulldown. The only issue could be if your editor is able to process the pulldown.


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Didn't we go through this on your newbie thread?

You'll be OK if you have an HDTV, if you only have an SDTV I wouldn't recommend buying an NTSC camcorder from the US.


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I would not conclude that the problems reported with the progressive mode are only an issue with 24p... even though 25p is easier to do, they only tested a 24p model, and it isn't clear what the source of the problem exactly is. 25p may be OK but can't be sure.

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