Hunting down a good 32DX200 deal

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Pieman1972, Jan 6, 2005.

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    First post after being a Guest for a while - Good site :smashin:

    Looking at the various options for getting a Sony 32DX200 (with the view of adding an amp - already have a Sony NS705 MR DVD Player) - looking at the ability to get a Price match from John Lewis and have found a deal at "The Electric Shop" ( The TV/DVD/VCR all for £1049 inc VAT & delivery. This price of £1049 is charged just for the telly in JL (Southsea / Southampton - Cheadle was £1149)

    Did find the telly at PRC Direct for £878 but after ringing them up and asking them was that the retail price and being told you need to speak to someone else when I spoke to them they said "where you get our number" to which I told them their Internet arm and "they're out of stock company wide call back next week - bye - click"

    Is there any other tips for hunting the deals down??? (I'm guessing Google).

    TIA - Pieman :)

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