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Humber Bridge

Solomon Grundy

Distinguished Member
Taken this morning in the fog. resized to 800x600 and "I'm feeling lucky" in Picasa...not an expert obviously!



  • DSCF2178.JPG
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Well-known Member
Interesting lines of the bridge and the wall, but the bench distracts from the main point of the photo I think.


Distinguished Member
Interesting lines of the bridge and the wall, but the bench distracts from the main point of the photo I think.

Agree though it can easily be cloned out given the uniform texture of the background


Active Member
Well, I'm going to go for the opposite viewpoint :) I really like the way that the bridge disappears off into the fog - not only is is a good example of an impressive feat of architecture and engineering, but it's got a nice mournful feeling to it - and the bench really emphasizes this; to me it suggests that modern society is no longer interested in sitting watching the world just go by, or in marvelling at such inspiring creations... pretentious, moi?

Perhaps you could draw more attention to the bridge and the fog by "twiddling" (I'm dead technical, y'know!) the brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure (I'm using iPhoto - no idea what the equivalent options are in Picasa or Photoshop).
Since the competition has finished, here's how I'd have adjusted it - I dropped the brightness and saturation, increased the contrast, and then brought the exposure level back up.
This has darkened out the bottom area, which some may not like - although IMO it splits the image into 3 bands of dark/grey/light which is quite nice. Although now your attention is drawn away from the bench (it doesn't quite stand out as much), you still know it's there - leaving your eye to be drawn along the bridge into the distance...

Anyway, that's enough of me waffling :)


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Distinguished Member
I grew up in Hull and went to live and work there as recently as 10 years ago .

My (late) Uncle used to amuse me as a child with tales of fascinating statistics during its construction

I personally don't find the Humber Bridge "boring" but I wouldn't sit on a lonely bench staring and marvelling at it:rotfl:

Still full marks for effort:smashin:


Distinguished Member

...Whatever makes you happy..

They didn't have electricity, TV, Sky, DVDs , PS3 or Xbox360, The internet or E books even the Gym ... in those days too

And think...in 50- 100 years time, these days will become " the days of old"
I wonder how antiquated all our DSLRs and PCs will seem then:D


Standard Member
I remember when a bit in the middle nearly fell in the river when the cables snapped and it was hanging the for ages. My dad has a slide of it somewhere in his loft... might see if I can dig it out.

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