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I have an Humax 1800T HD PVR and I find that I lose the marking on the buttons after a while which is annoying as whilst I know what most buttons do without looking I will be caught out with ones I use less often.
Normally a just replace the remote which is this type.

But I note on Googling Humax RM-H06S there are other models like this one which looks a better quality. Would this work with the box?


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Humax RM-H06S Freeview HD Remote is an Original remote from the maker, Humax.

Anything else will be a compatible/equivalent/clone of the remote. Usually all functions are there, occasionally not. Quality of such clones will probably be extremely variable. Googling: A picture like the second one you have included, took me to an eBay seller where the item for sale actually turned out to be the first one you included (i.e. an original Humax one).

What do you do to rub off the markings on the little used buttons? It's usually the frequently pressed ones that go. However that's probably irrelevant.

You could find that the RM-F04 (HDR-Fox-T2 remote) or even the RM-F01 (Foxsat-HDR remote) could control the 1800T? (I know the latter two control the other although they have a few button/function/placement differences). The same process to change remote codes to control a second box in the same room applies to virtually all Humax (non-You View) boxes.
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