Humax pvr9300t sound drops out


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Every now and again the sound disappears needing a switch off to restore it.
It also freezes occasionally needing mains switch off to reset. Any ideas?:lease:


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Hi :hiya:
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Just a longshot
If you have it connected via HDMI
Switch it off at mains disconnect HDMI and connect using a Scart lead instead
Switch on and see if that makes any difference
Or let us know how you have it hooked up


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Hi :hiya:
If your not using the HDMI connection theres no need to have it connected
Switch unit off at mains and disconnect it
If your still having problems you can get help from Humax
If you get good info post on here , may be useful to others

Contact HUMAX

Pam B

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Don't know if this is the right answer but I too every so often experience the problems you are encountering.

To solve the problem I just make sure the aerial going into the back of my PVR (Humax 9300-T) is fully pushed in and that the scart leads are all fully pushed in.

If that doesn't work turn off PVR and then back on again and it works.


Hopefully the above answers your question but just to add I have two video senders in my house too and when I encounter the same problem with them I ensure the scarts are all fully pushed into the back of the additional television sets too.


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It often freezes when programs are being recorded on timer and I'm switching between channels, so frustrating as switching off messes up the recording. I've checked with Humax and they suggest the reset to defaults which I've already tried-but not when the aerial plug is removed! That's next.:thumbsup:

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