Humax PVR9300T has stopped working


I've had my Humax 9300T for a few years now and it has worked pretty flawlessly. It is used the bedroom where I sleep. Every night it wakes up at 4am to do some kind of maintenance (possibly system update checks). Occasionally it does wake me up (as I sleep light) but it's never really bothered me as I easily fall back asleep.

About a week ago, the 9300T got stuck in an endless reboot cycle a little after 4am. The front panel just displayed the PVR 9300T model number and that was it. At the time I unplugged it from the mains and decided to take a look in the morning.

When I plugged it in in the morning, I was hoping it would boot up fine but it was still doing the same reboot cycles with the same thing displayed on the front. It manages to display the boot up Humax dialog box on the TV with the firmware version number. But then nothing after that before shortly rebooting (about 1 or 2 mins between reboots).

At first I thought it had incorrectly applied some new firmware and it was stuck but it seems like there has been no new firmware release.

I'm hoping that posting this might lead to some common and easy fix solution but my searching hasn't revealed any. I'm still under warranty as I took out an extended 5 year one. I rather not use it if there are ways I can coax it back to life (without invalidating my existing warranty). Reason is, I know what a hassle it can be to get something fixed under warranty so if there is a reasonably easy fix then I'd prefer that. However, if not then I'll have to get it sorted under warranty.

TIA for your help


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I suspect it will need the HDD removed to connect to a PC so that a filesystem repair utility can be run.

There is a procedure for when the PVR9200t is stuck in a boot loop, I don't think it applies here but you can try if you like:
Switch off at mains.
Disconnect aerial
Switch on and start the pvr.
If it is now responsive go into the menu and do a default setting allowing it to do an automatic tune that finds no channels.
Then standby and switch off, reconnect aerial and switch on/start again.
Tune in using whichever of automatic or manual works in your situation (manual is often required to prevent channel allocation and recording problems).


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I had this problem too. It started with the PVR rebooting and the TV detecting it was turning on and then off again. Then it would not boot up but stuck at the PVR-9300T screen. So opened up the case, disconnected the red SATA lead and the followed the instructions above to set the PVR back to factory settings. As this was working without the HDD connected, then I conclude the hard drive needed replacing.

I replace the HDD with a similar HDD AV Drives - Surveillance & More | Ebuyer.com

It tells you to reformat the hard drive when you turn the PVR on after installing the new HDD.
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