Humax PVR8000T playing up


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My PVR is struggling to deliver a good signal to the TV, the picture will break up, with lots of crackling type noises or we'll get a notice stating the channel is scrambled or unavailable.

It's several years old now and I suspect the tuner component has failed or is failing.

Is it possible to replace this part so I can keep using what has been a very good piece of kit?

Christmas just around the corner, 2 young girls and lots of films to record. No means to record them - not a good mix!



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Update -

BBC channels seem OK. It's the others where the image flickers and breaks up.

Any suggestions (other than a new box)?


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Are you pre or post digital switchover? Pre-switchover, the BBC channels are often on a higher-powered mux. Check your transmitter isn't undergoing engineering works, then see if you can test another receiver; you could have a local problem. With a name like that, I'd guess you're somewhat northen, and there has been some, ahem, "adverse" weather to the north recently. Possible your antenna has made a bid for freedom, and is now pointing at the ground? If you're pre-DSO, what do your analogue channels look like? Could you just have a duff cable connected between your aerial jack and the PVR?
Regards, Iain.

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