Humax PVR dolby digital decoding as all channel stereo?


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Hi All,

I have a Humax Freesat box connected to my Onkyo amp. When I watch stuff on say BBC hd, I.e. Casualty last night, it flashes up the Dolby Digital logo but the amp switches to "all channel stereo mode". Should it not at least switch to Dolby II movie or similar?

I just wondered what should appear on the amp's osd? Basically a channel broadcast in dd seems to be treated exactly the same as a standard stereo source, is that right?


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The Dolby Digital is the format the audio is in. The modes are something you apply to the audio. If you use Dolby Pro Logic in conction with the format then Pro Logic only creates missing channels. The format coming into the amp doesn't determine the mode, you do and you have to select the appropriate mode. Select Dolby Pro LOgic in conjunction with the input you use for TV viewing and the amp should remember this mode and use it when applicable. It will only beinvoked if the audio has fewer than 6 discrete channels. While watching the Humax source via the amp, select the Pro LOgic mode and the input associated with the Humax PVR should always have this mode active untill you change that mode to another one.


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Yes its ok. Dolby digital is not nessasarily surround sound. If something is trasmited in sterio or even mono its up to you to decide what if any other processing to apply to it eg. pl2

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