Humax PVR 9300T Pause/Rewind Live TV


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My Dad has a Humax PVR 9300T which has stopped automatically recording the channel you are watching i.e. you can no longer pause or rewind live TV. Other than some sort of fault the only other reason I can think why this has happened is that maybe there is not enough space left on the HDD. Is there a minumum requirement or is there a partition for recording the current channel?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.



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It's down to corruption of the hard disc file system. It's a fairly common fault on 9150 and 9300 models.

The timeshift buffer uses reserved space on the hdd so it should always be available.

If you are prepared to renove the hdd and connect it to a PC you may be able to save your recordings and put them back again.


Cure is a reformat of the hard disc which will of course delete your recordings.
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