Humax PVR-9150T - stops when playing live tv rewind


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Apologies if this has been addressed here before - I tried searching and couldn't come up with the answer. Also worth noting that this is my mother's machine and I am asking on her behalf but as she lives quite far from me I can't easily get my hands on the box.

The problem happens when the PVR is put into live pause when watching normal tv (to answer the phone or whatever). On returning to watch and rewinding to the pause point the programme will play for a while, but then just stops and goes to the current time. In other words, if the programme has been paused at 7:30, it will rewind and play from the pause until, say, 7:45 but then just stops and skips to whatever is on the channel in real time. Needless to say my mum has missed the end of several of her soaps and is not happy. The hard disk is rather full but there is still space available and she hasn't (as far as she knows) had any disk space messages. I have looked on the forums and they suggest connecting a PC to the PVR but in my mum's case this isn't a possibility. Some suggest a "master reset" or re-formatting the disk as a last resort. Are these possible directly from the box (i.e. without connecting to a computer)? Sorry for the waffle - any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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It sounds like the buffering has become corrupted and the the only fix I kinow is to Format the Drive.
I have the same issue with my 9300T ,only 40Gb left and the buffering is around 30Mins at best.
I have deleted a lot of stuff to get 150Gb free but still the same issue
Will Format after I have watched past recordings.

Obviously Formatting the drive means losing all her recordings.
This is done by going to Menu>Recordings>HDD Control and the Format Drive button is there

If she still has a lot of recordings to watch, her best option just now is to hit the record button instead of the Pause button so she can watch the end of her progs.
Watch the rest of her recordings then Format the drive
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