Humax PVR-8000T Problems :(

Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by mattrixdesign, Sep 21, 2004.

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    Just sent this email to Humax, any one else had similar problems? I am gutted as there was some recordings I wanted to keep for writing to DVD some time :mad:

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    We recently purchased a HUMAX PVR-8000T from Dixons in the UK. It has been used quite reliably for the last month or so, however since upgrading the software I have had the system crash twice. The first time it crashed the menu systems got jumbled up and the games icon appeared in the main menu! It looked like we had lost all the recorded programs as they were not showing up in the play list. I did a cold reboot and everything was fine.

    Last night I tried to record a program using the record button and the box stalled and the picture froze. Eventually I was able to change the channel but realised I could no longer access prerecorded programs. I tried the cold restart, but the programs did not show in the play menu, I have tried this twice still the programs didn't show. Out of interest I checked the HD capacity and it is reading 70% full, so I presume the programs are still on there but I can not get access.

    Please advise what I can do to recover these programs, I really want them back as I planned to achieve them on DVD some time in the near future.

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