humax,manually tuned,no music channels


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hi, i rescently manually tuned my humax my to emley moor as it was picking up 2 transmitters.
all is fine now - apart from i have no music channels or radio channels listed.
does anyone know why this is please.

also does anyone have a link to the transitter list which shows the channels i need to tune into for emley moor etc as i lost the link.



Paul Shirley

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You can add TV and radio channels to a favourites list, otherwise they're on separate lists, the TV/Radio button should switch between them.

Missing music TV probably means you forgot to tune multiplex D (most of the radio will also be missing along with Film4). Try here for your transmitters channel list.


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thanks for replying, i do have film 4 paul.
daft question but how do i select between radio/tv :oops:

i have the grey remote with the hidden buttons under the slider, cant see anything??????????????


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:oops: found it - the button on the bottom left, musical note :oops:

cant believe i didnt know that, all music channels are present and correct - thanks again guys !!!


Paul Shirley

Active Member'll also need that TV/radio button to access radio recordings.

Unless you really want to watch/listen to all the pap on Freeview you should use a favourites list and forget the TV/Radio button or changing groups. Survives retuning a lot better than deleting rubbish channels like GemTV (they come back like zombies ;)

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