Humax HDR500 output over coax to remote TVs in other rooms

David Chapman

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Moving again... the new house has coax sockets in most rooms and two satellite cables in the lounge.
WiFi router in the next room. Unsure of WiFi coverage until we move in.
We have three modern LG TVs and watch Apps via WiFi, and recorded content remotely from our Humax HDR500. The Humax will sit in the lounge with 2 x satellite cables attached.
NB. The Humax is currently operated remotely via magic eye over coax but with direct HDMI connection to the Humax box also (for just one other remote TV).
To get stereo sound and remote control in the new house from the Humax to the two remote TVs (the lounge TV will have HDMI connection) via coax ONLY I think I can install a DVB-T modulator but that requires the Humax HDMI output so the modulator would need three outputs, one to lounge, the other two to the two remote TVs via the coax network.

Is this the best way to do it? Which modulator is best for this? What quality of picture/sound can I expect?

Many thanks for any help.


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HDMI modulators give excellent picture and sound once you have tuned the TV's in. You don't need 3 outputs as the coax output can be split to all three TVs. I believe the Techomate HDMI modulator has a HDMI output in addition to coax so you could use this for the local TV leaving the coax to be split to the 2 remote TVs.

David Chapman

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Thanks. Do you think it's as simple as plugging one modulator output into the coax wall socket and that will distribute the signal to all rooms with a coax socket? Or will there be some distribution gubbins hidden away somewhere? NB. There's no roof aerial. Could be one in the loft I guess.

I seem to recall that these modulators allow Magic Eye return but I'm not sure how this would work? At present I use a Triax Trilink to control the Humax. Will the DVB-T modulator have a similar inbuilt system with plug in IR transmitters to work the Humax (and other equipment nearby)?

Many thanks.

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