Humax HDR1100s DLNA client seeing content issues


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Software version UKSFAA 3.00.96
Update date 13 Aug 2018.
Connected to EE Smarthub by ethernet cable. On Demand services (Youtube, iPlayer, UKTVPlay etc.) are all fully stable and reliable, so physical connection STB-to-router is proven good.
Also connected to Smarthub by ethernet cable: Windows 10 PC with a couple of shared folders containing video files - movies, TV shows etc. Sharing to home network using both Media Player AND Serviio. (and as of yesterday, Universal Media Server too - same issue with that though).
Also connected to Smarthub by ethernet cable: Playstation 4, with Media Player client taking content from home network.

Playstation 4 can see both WMP and Serviio servers and access and play content reliably - so servers are demonstrated to be working OK getting content to network.

HDR1100s can sometimes see and access videos. Sometimes it can see default Windows PC server but not Serviio (when both are running), or the other way round. Sometimes (most of the time now) it can see one or both servers but when selected it says "No Items" - i.e. it can see there's a server there but it can't see that there's anything on it. And sometimes, increasingly rarely, it can see and play files.

There are some formats it can't play - I'm fine with that, there are ways round it and formats it can reliably play IF it can see the damn file.

If I didn't have the PS4 on the network proving that the sharing works fine from the PC end I'd be tearing out my hair. As it is I can eliminate the PC and any connectivity issues and point the finger firmly at the DLNA client on the Humax as the problem. Its physical connection is 100% fine and the sharing is fine.

Can anyone suggest a solution that doesn't involve giving up on the Humax as a DLNA client and just using the PS4 or something else? Intermittently it does work, but the flakiness is driving me up the wall. I want to be able to use just the one box to access all my media (sat signal, on demand services, home network media) but the box doesn't want to play. It has worked, but something's broken.

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