Humax HDR1100 HDMI resetting on amp


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Hi, Anybody have problems with your PVR? I've got an humax HDR1100 and it doesn't seem to like an amp connected to it, Looks like a handshake problem or something and the TV signal from the HDMI port from the Humax just keeps tripping and going off. The amp works fine with my Xbox One X and its just the humax that's doing it. I've googled it and found some people do seem to experience the problem and have to revert to connecting the humax direct to the TV and just connecting an optical out to the amp which resolves it. Just wondered if anybody else has problems with PVR's connecting to Amp.

I might have to buy a different kind of PVR as some people have reverted to that as well.

Any ideas please and apologies if I've not posted this in the correct forum.

Thank you.


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Thanks, But there's nothing on there that helps! just wondered if anybody had issues on these new amps? wierd how it keeps tripping out on hdmi only on an humax box!


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Without a model number and make of AV receiver and same for TV and Humax box, how could anyone know?

I have basically the same box and have connected it via both a Yamaha AV r full-HD eceiver to a Panasonic Full-HD TV and also using a Denon 4K AVR to a LG 55" UHD Tv. Both works fine,

Try changing the HDMi cable used to connect the AVR to the TV

AVR Receiver (Amp) Make and model ?

TV Make and Model ?

Without this basic info no one will have a clue,

I take it if you connect the Humax box directly to the TV there are no issues ?
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