Humax HDR foxsat recording failure


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Bought my Humax when they first came out and has recorded 100% up until the last update and since setting up on demand - is this a coincidence or is anyone else having the same problem.

The only other problem I have had and this has been ongoing for months and months is that if I put it on pause and then playback the subtitles are on and they remain on till catchup and subtitles are turned off but its a minor irritation but failed recordings are a problem.

eg: recorded 2 programs of Neil Diamond on the same channel, 1 looked liked it recorded and on replay it said recording problem and 1 didnt record at all


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Not sure why you have recording problems unless it's from BBC1-HD they have changed all the series recording codes so any series recordings will need re-entering. The subtitle problem is fixed by pressing oK twice.

IT might be a good idea to carry out a factory reset (make a note of your recording schedule first).

The Neil Diamond Radio2 Electric Prom recorded fine on BBC-HD for me.


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I've noticed an increase in "failed recordings" reason "not known". Garrow last night was latest. Not sure whether its BBC or the Humax! I've done a factory reset this morning so we'll see if that cures problem.


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The Trip failed for me last night. No apparent reason but I noticed this morning it was a repeat - so nothing lost.



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mikezoe I did a reset as suggested and all seems fine now, had to renew my series recordings but for some reason did not have to renew my internet access settings and they work ok
I recorded Garrow last night and just checked its recorded fine, so I would recommend a reset, I know its a hassle but was worth it..

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