Humax HDR Fox T2


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I have been looking to buy this PVR for some time now, my dilema is do I purchase it or continue watching HD content streamed from iplayer?

I have a full HD plasma and HD decoder and upscale DVB signals through my Panasonic DMR EX-77 and naturally want the best sound and pic quality I can.....it just seems that daft to pay £250 when I can watch bbc content on iplayer through my Sony BDPs370 player!

Am I missing something here?! :confused:


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Broadcast HD is either 1440 x 1080 or 1920 x 1080 and at a higher bitrate so offers much better pictures than the iplayer HD service which is only 1280 x 720.


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iPlayer is only BBC services. HD streaming at 720p, if used a lot, must be eating up your ISP data allowance - you're lucky to have a fast enough connection, too, many people don't.

So, you'll be missing watching programmes when you want from ITV HD and Channel 4 HD, I guess?

Other makes of Freeview+ HD recorders are available that may be cheaper?

You're also missing the ability to watch programmes you have recorded that are no longer available on iPlayer-type applications as they are beyond the 7-day limit that usually applies after a series has ended.

You may also get better picture quality, as grahamlthompson suggests - although if your TV has a Freeview HD tuner (you refer to a "HD decoder"??) you should be able to check that aspect yourself.
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