Humax HDR-FOX T2 "No signal"


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H everyone, looking for some help and advise.

I have had my HDR-FOX T2 for over 3 years now without any issues connected to my samsung 6 series TV via hdmi. However this last week or so i am finding that while watching live via the box the screen would suddenly go blank, the TV would show a message saying "No Signal please check your connections". The only way to solve this is to switch both TV and PVR off at the wall and wait for several minutes and switch everything back on.

Im pretty sure this is not a TV issue as i have a blu-ray player connected that seems to be working fine. i have tried various hdmi cables of varying quality with the same issue being repeated on all cables. I have also tried all of the hdmi sockets on the TV with no improvement.

Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions as to what could be causing this? i was thinking of reverting back to the previous firmware to see if that could help. Or a factory reset perhaps?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated



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Try having cool air blowing across the back while it's in use and see if the fault disappears.....

If it does find someone who can install an internal fan.

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