Humax HDR box, no HDMI out

seth pittham

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Has anyone had a situation with a new humax foxsat hdr box where there is no HDMI output present? Scart is fine. Data does not seem to be present on the HDMI lead.


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Not personally but some report hdcp handshake problems with some TV's. (symptoms blue or green screen). Try tuurning the TV to a normal input and back to hdmi. Try a different hdmi port on the TV. Try another hdmi lead.

What TV are connecting it to ?


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Unlikely to help, but try pressing the v-format button on the remote a few times in case it is outputting a resolution your TV doesn't support.


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I had the same problem once, no HDMI from a DVD recorder. Turned out the HDMI plug was a little short and not pushed fully home on the TV, you've probably tried it already but sometimes its easy to miss the obvious.
If that does'nt work you can try moving the lead to one of your other TV HDMI inputs, and perhaps swapping the lead to prove it or connect to another device that has HDMI output to prove the lead, hope that helps.


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I get the "green screen of death" if I turn the TV on with the Foxsat HD already on and past the boot up sequence (where two HDMI handshaking sequences happen). I can clear it by simply changing channels or pressing the TV/RADIO button twice.


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This is proably down to your TV or the version of the HDMI interface used in your TV. Check to see if your TV (you did not mention make/model) offers a software update to HDMI.
HDMI specs 1.0 to 1.4 listed on wikipedia:

HDMI - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If no update, then you know to fix your problem, the other way is to turn the Humax off before you turn on your TV.
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