Humax HDR-1100S no signal


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Had my humax HDR-1100S box a few years now, switched on yesterday and I’m getting the no signal message.
in settings under signal info both tuner 1 (No Signal) & tuner 2 blank.

Tried resetting swapping the cables over in the back of the box no change.

Any suggestions on what else I could try.

Perhaps the dish has got knocked out of alignment it’s on the side of the has and visually all looks ok.




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Resetting was possibly a mistake as it's now looking for only one frequency, the freesat home transponder.

First check and double check the F-plugs are correctly made and the centre pin(s) not bent over or any stray whiskers of cable shorting.

Inserting carefully into the 1100S.

Next is to try the box on a known good dish install. Once tuned in leave alone!! No more resets. Retry at home...

Dish alignment, LNB failure or water damage of the cable/connection to the LNB are all possibles. Very close inspection would be needed. A professional installer may be best (they have meters and other test gear).

Alternatively a new dish/lnb and length of cable isn't ever so expensive and could be a d-i-y project. IF the box is confirmed working on another dish elsewhere. AIUI tuner failures on these Humax boxes are very rare.


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I found my old sky HD box in the loft which I plugged in and that’s not receiving any signal either. Cables all visually look ok.

so it’s going to be time to call out an engineer to look at the dish and it’s components. Hoping just an alignment issue.

Any ideas on costs these days if it’s just going to be alignment through to a new dish ?



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Ring round a few local aerial installer/satellite installers to get estimates?

It varies with location and access to the dish may affect price as well.

Check if your Council / Trading Standards has a Trusted Trader list to select from. Ideally one via a recommendation from a friend, family member, neighbour or similar person who has used them recently.


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Thanks very much for your help today. As neither box is getting any signal I’m thinking it’s the LNB that’s gone pop.


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Had the same issue back in April. Turned out to be the cable which looked fine. New cable no more problem.
Got a reel from screwfix connected to the dish then popped it though the window to the humax so I could test that was the issue.

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