Humax HDR-1100S loses sound on pause/rewind

David Chapman

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Tonight I resound a live programme a few minutes but on pressing play there was no sound. Not muted.

I switched the Humax box off and back on and sound resumed.

Later I paused a live programme and when I resumed it once again no sound.

Any ideas what the problem is and how to fix it please?

Many thanks.


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What are your Humax sound settings - suggest you try changing them to Stereo.
What is processing your sound - your TV or another device?

David Chapman

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In Settings, "Audio type" is already set to Stereo.

The TV, an LG55 B8 OLED, processes the sound.

I tried both rewind and pause on the bedroom Sony (linked to same Humax box) and sound was fine. So I went down and tested it on the LG and that too is now working as normal. Intermittent fault?

Incidentally, the Humax box switches itself off if left for many hours. It shows "No signal!" but when switched on performs normally (apart from the above). I wondered if this "auto off" is applied in settings and is to allow updates overnight? Maybe it's corrected the issue last night? Somewhat doubtful of this.

My old Foxsat box had to be switched off manually at night from time to time for updates or such like.


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I would suspect that it was something basic like a HDMI connection not fully pushed in.

By default (changeable in settings) the unit will shut down (go into Standby) if no command is received within three hours (European power saving regulations).

You Foxsat needed to be in standby at 03:00 to allow it's housekeeping to run to update channel changes, Thumbnails etc.

David Chapman

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I'll check connections at the Humax/Triax end. They're in another room to both the LG and Sony but one of the dogs may have tugged at something as the cables aren't yet in their final positions until I've re-routed the sat cables outside.

Will update if it happens again. Many thanks for your assistance once again. 👍


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First thought was a hdmi handshake issue, but...

Two TVs linked to same 1100S via a Triax hdmi DVB-T HD modulator... BOTH sets therefore with the identical data stream via UHF and internal DVB-T / H264 video / MP2 or AAC sound stream? (which may be relevant to the issue).

Less likely to be the Humax than the modulated signal encoding-decoding problem imho.

Next time it happens you'll need to see if one TV is OK and the other TV not with the same bit of programme at the same time...
Rather than (as I read it) trying a different programme on the other set at a different time.

OR try the modulator on the 'other' sound coder setting to see if it happens less?

Also, rather than powering down the Humax to force a new handshake, try powering down the modulator instead?

David Chapman

Active Member
Good suggestions. Not up to speed with sound coder settings or altering these but will give you more info if/when it reoccurs. Thanks.

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