Bargain Humax HDR-1100S 1TB Freesat Smart TV Recorder - Black £153.30 (Maplin in store only) £153.30


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Humax HDR-1100S 1TB Freesat Smart TV Recorder - Black
Normally around £210.

These are available in store only.
There are a limited number, use the "Find this in your local store" option on the Maplin website to see which stores have the item in stock near you.
If its a bit of a hike to get there, then ring first, one store I rang that should have had one in stock said it was an empty box (Hmmm - Perry Barr).

There is also the 500gb version at £139.99. I bought this version as it was in my local Maplin and the nearest store with the 1TB version was too far away.
Quite a few of the 1TB version in London (Stratford had 4).
Register online at Humax for 2 year warranty within 30 days of purchase.


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Good price mate, I checked out of curiosity, no 1TB models in Scotland stores, and allegedly single units at select stores, having worked in retail when an online checker says there's one left you can take that with a pinch of salt, best phoning the store in question.


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I would have thought the Maplins with more than one in stock ought to have at least one.
I checked the shops in areas where i had friends/family and could have had one picked up but decided to have a 500GB version from my local Maplin on the basis that I would chuck in a 2TB drive once it was out of its 2 year warranty.

Fred Smith

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Many thanks. Picked up a 500GB in Tunbridge Wells for my sister and a 1TB in Queensway for myself .

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