Humax HDCI-2000 questions


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I wanted to get a HDD freeview box with good pic quality; then I heard about these babies. I think I'm right in saying there is no hard drive for recording, but my main question is- is it compatible with my plasma? I have a Hitachi Pd-5200 which has a HD comp. screen but no HDMI socket. If not, is there anything else on the market with comp HD connection?

Chris Muriel

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The HDCI2000 is a High Definition (hence the HD) satellite receiver (The CI refers to the Common Interface CAM or Conditional Access Module).
A Freeview section is certainly not the correct place for your post as Freeview is terrestrial DVB-T (not satellite DVB-S or DVB-S2)
I believe it does have RGB and component outputs.
Try this thread :

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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You've probably heard of the Humax HDCI-2000T. This is one of the two High Definition Freeview boxes being used for the High Definition Freeview trial in London.

They were only available to a group of 450 volunteer triallists and the signal will is only available in London for a few months after which it will be switched off.

High Definition Freeview will not then appear until after Analogue switch off in 2012 and even then the Government want OFCOM to sell the frequencies that would be required so it may never happen.

If you live in London there are threads on how to use a PC and DVB-T tuner card to receive these broadcasts, but it needs to be a powerful PC (well over 3GHz).

Does look good though.


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You are correct!

It was an article featuring the 2000T; hence the confusion.

I feel a little less stoopid now


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