Humax FVP5000T-1TB Smart Freeview Play HD TV Recorder


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Jan 13, 2016
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Gtr Manchester
Hi all, I'm thinking of buying the Humax FVP 500T - 2TB Smart Freeview play Recorder, can anyone recommend this or is it a "stay well clear" job.
My main reason for this is the wife chirping in my earhole about wanting to record more than 2 programs at once, though the number of programs recorded on our current box and NOT WATCHED is a discussion we regularly have, but as you will understand "quiet life" is all i want. i have read up about it but still can't make my mind up, it does look a good piece of kit and i was hoping that different apps could be downloaded onto it but apparently not (thinking of Amazon Prime) but i have it on my tv so realy not a problem.
Any advice from any users would be appreciated.

Many thanks
There will be threads on here about the 4000T/5000T and the more recent Humax Aura 4k box... which might run Amazon Video?

Also the forum has a wealth of information on both boxes.

Read through them first and then ask specific questions. The Freeview Play User Interface will be similar (if not identical).

Both boxes have 'issues', I've read.

I find iPlayer can be quite useful for watching the 'third' programme, if there's a clash.

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