Humax fvp 500t signal test


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I am new to Humax, I go to settings, signal test, it always shows channel 33, when I check I am viewing BBC 1.
also have slight pixelation at times when recording, I record in sd format, this is on all channels
any help greatly appreciated
the box is 1 week old


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Freeview channels are broadcast in groups, so when you're doing a signal condition test, Channel 33 is likely to be the UHF channel number of the 'mux' (group) that carries BBC One, as well as many other channels.

If you're getting pixelation issues, what are your signal strengths ?


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thanks for prompt reply, as I said I am a newbie to this box.
pixelation, it’s not that often, maybe I am being too fussy
i enclose pic of signal strength


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I'll guess you are maybe tuned to Dover or Ivybridge?
(As those are the only two transmitters using the three frequencies shown on the display and have ch33 for BBC SD mux.)

But to confirm please state your location (ideally a postcode of shop, pub, church, school or business within 100m of your home).

What aerial is being used?
Where is it located (roof, loft, room)?
Any amplifiers (boosters) or splitters to feed multiple sets (if so how many sets in total and any info on the amplifiers involved)?

Dover is 33, 35, 36, 39, 42, 48. (80kW erp PSBs and 40kW COMs)
(Order is BBC A, D3&4, BBC B HD, SDN, Arq A, Arq B).

Ivybridge is 33, 36, 48, 39, 35, 34. (80W erp except 36 & 48 50W).
Ch 48 being the HD mux rules out Ivybridge.

Keep the hdmi and aerial cables well apart.
Fettle any hand-made TV plug connections (remake any suspect ones). Ensure plugs are firmly seated and if loose adjust to make a better connection.

Try different aerial fly leads and alternative hdmi leads to see if it can eliminate the interference you see?

ch48 being lower than 33 and 35 is consistent with the lower power transmitted, but is lower than I'd have expected?


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Quite likely Dover then. Although predictions aren't especially good (for Post Office in the Co-Op there, all amber so cci will be an issue at times of steady high pressure).


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I live in Canterbury, not Herne bay
yes, I know I am receiving from the Dover transmitter
Aerial is in the loft, new, about 3 years ago, never had any problems before
must admit I did use the existing hdmi lead I had with previous TalkTalk tv box, have changed to one supplied with Humax box
i wonder if it has been the weather lately ?
just watched a recording on itv, picture is great
thanks for your help


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Canterbury is closer to Dover and has much, much better predictions (well WH Smiths in the High St/ has ;) ). So unlikely to be weather related.
Your predictions may not be identical, of course.

Usual culprit is interference of some sort from somewhere.
  • Hdmi <--> Aerial cable can cross-interfere when screening is poor and close together.
  • Electrical kit can interfere if gets into aerial / downlead (poor screening). Light switches, boiler/heater thermostats etc.,.
It's why connection fettling is the first thing I suggest to fix any problems.

If all is good and stays that way then it may have been that cable with this PVR or a slightly dodgy connection remade.
If you keep getting problems and need more advice, reopen this thread rather than start a new one as it'll help to have the background info

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