Question Humax FVP-5000T or Manhattan T3-R Freeview?


Unfortunately, the 'great unwashed' couldn't give a toss about resolution, i's and p's, bit rates, 5+1 and the rest of that stuff.
Sadly, as well as the points that you have brought to the fore above, catchup is a pain in the arse. You don't know what's there (I do on my T2) and even if it is it takes forever to navigate through all the stupid pictures that take up enormous amount of screen real estate.
I suspect that at least 85% of the population can read so what's wrong with short sharp snappy text lists. I don't need a picture of Geoff in a prison warden's uniform (just made that up) to tell me what Coro was on about last Friday.
Want a listing on iPlayer? First scroll down through endless stupid pictures.


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I contacted the BBC last year about the lack of full HD and 5.1 on iPlayer and the response that I got stated that this is frequently asked for. If that’s the case, why hasn’t the software been updated? Too busy spending money on political correctness, inclusivity, ‘yoof’ programming and other bollox, rather than giving viewers what they actually ask for.


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You can't buy a YouView anymore. Not brand new, anyway.
You can't buy VHS/Betamax recorders either. Technology?

Yes, and choice. YouView has taken a vastly different swerve to the one I thought it would as, as a PVR, it was a commercial disaster. But packaged broadband sales went through the roof and so they have gone with that and are mainly sticking with BT, whilst keeping TalkTalk and Plusnet as included subscription partners.

Commercial reality prevails, and with the vast changes in internet technology (with more to come) and catch up rights being freed (well, loosened), who any longer needs a PVR? Its estimated there were 300,000 units sold commercially. Thats not a lot, but its still 250,000 more than anyone else. Including the previous leading retailer, Humax.

But due to the advancements in access to catch up TV (and the rights to access it) PVRs have become less and less important. So yes, TJT1, ultimately, Technology...


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In the analogue days each channel was broadcast on its own frequency. In the digital realm TV channels are bundled into multiplexes and each multiplex is broadcast on one frequency. This means if one of the channels being recorded is in the same multiplex as a channel you want to watch you can use one of the tuners to record one channel and watch the other one.
Right to I substitute multiplexer for transponder, got you thanks


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I had a Sky subscription but was watching no channels which weren't free elsewhere. I have also subscribed to BritBox which has completely changed my viewing habits. So, a couple of days ago, I called Sky and cancelled. I had to pay a termination fee, since I had 9 months of my contract left, but I was happy with the charge and will be paying £28 a month less than what I would have paid. I already had a Humax FVP-4000T so got that set up and found it so painfully slow. I decided to order a Manhattan T3-R. I received it yesterday and boy, is it fast! During the initial tuning it picked up channels from three transmitters, Sandy Heath (to where my aerial is pointing), Waltham and Sutton Coalfield. From Sandy Heath the signal is rock solid with none of the occasional dropouts on COM7 channels I got with the Humax.

One of the reasons I got Sky in the first place is the way it downloads and organises streamed programming. With my Humax I would forget what I was watching and had to go into each service in the hope of finding out. The Manhattan has a watchlist - when you find a programme on catchup you can add it to your watchlist. The watchlist shows what you're watching from all the services. For me it's a killer feature. If the Humax also has it, I never found it.

All good so far, the box downloaded the latest software (1.08?) as soon as I switched it on and the installation was the smoothest and fastest of any box I have used. I only had to change audio out to surround and now occasionally get Dolby Digital when available.

I'm touching wood as I write this, but I highly recommend the Manhattan based on what I've seen so far.
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I'm touching wood as I write this, but I highly recommend the Manhattan based on what I've seen so far.
Theres been nothing but high praise for it so far both from reviewers and users. Haven't got one myself, but when I do need a new box I think its the one I'll go for. Humax boxes have dramatically gone downhill over the last few years.


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Padding is supposed to being added to the September firmware update, but it's a pity that they'll be no update for manual timers. I do use those on occasion.

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