Humax Freeview hd or Freesat HD


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I'm going to upgrade my Topfield to a Humax hdr to get HD, but am not sure whether to go for the Freeview or Freesat model. As I've been using a crappy aerial next to the tv, I suspect I would need to get a proper outdoor aerial to receive HD, so either I'd have to install this, or a satellite dish.

From reading other postings, I understand hd quallity would be the same for both, and as for channels, Freeview HD seems to have more options -- at the moment.

Does anyone have any thoughts on which way I should go?

Also, on a different subject, re upgrading the Humax to 1tb -- if one is going to do this, is there any reason to buy the 500gb box to start with?

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Dave E

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I'm interested in this question too. Although I'm particularly interested to know the differences to the user from each. The Foxsat HDR was always said to have a terrible remote and clumsy user interface. hence I have always held off buying one. Does the Freeview version solve this, or is it just the same?

I guess, is the Fox HDR the 'equivalent' of the Foxsat HDR, or the upcoming Foxsat HDR2?



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I have just bought one of these with freeview which works well. I thought it had the ability to connect to the internet. Does anyone know if this is true and if so how?


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The Freeview HD product will have a video portal available early in the new year, which will provide iPlayer, SkyPlayer and some other online functionality.

Both Freeview and Freesat products have very similar remotes - more or less identical, but a couple of buttons swapped round. Interface on the Freeview model is slicker.


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I don't have the freeview model only the satellite one, however the main differences seem to be.

The satellite model can be used to access multiple satellites giving access to thousands of free radio and Tv channels. The freeview model is restricted to those from your terrestrial transmitter so future expansion is very limited. New narrow beam capacity at 28.2E will be increased in the next year or so with new satellites so there is a lot more potential for future services.

It's not possible to record HD channels without encryption on the Freeview box it is on the satellite one.

The Freeview box can operate as a media streamer with a limited number of formats and will later offer additional on line services with the TV Portal. The satellite box can only play back external video with the aid of a free piece of software. Both allow archiving to an external HDD.

The newer Freeview box has a more powerfull processor so is likely to be more responsive when the cpu is carrying out more tasks.

In my experience the satellite signal is more robust especially during tropo lift conditions. There have been occasions when my Freeview signal has been near unusable. Only lost sat services once during heavy snow (fixed with a broom :D). For many sat may well be the only option to get a full channel line up. (Lot's of people will finish up with a Freeview-Lite service with only 2 SD and 1 HD mux)

The satellite box is now generally stable and awaiting a promised fix for the inability to record the time shift buffer and the cessation of recording after a power cut.

The freeview box still has teething problems with surround sound to an external AV system due to the different audio compression used on Freeview

There is currently 1 more HD channel on Freeview and the posibillity of a 5th in future (that's likely to be it for many years). On Freesat there is currently only 3 HD channels on the epg (The other ones can be viewed in fta mode giving ITV1-HD Granada (the only free to air full-Hd channel at 1920 x 1080), ITV1-HD-London, STV-HD and Luxury Life-HD). There are some SD channels on Freeview not on Freesat (and vice versa). All HD channels on Freeview are 1440 x 1080.

Personally I don't find the UI on the Foxsat-hdr a problem. The epg can be a bit slow to navigate when the cpu is say recording two HD channels at the same time and replaying a 3rd one.

If you can afford it having both is the best option.

Dave E

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Graham thats great. I had heard so many stories about the user interface and remote being terrible... and little things like not being able to delete programmes when something is recording, etc, that had put me off the foxsat. Good to know they are still updating it.


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Graham thats great. I had heard so many stories about the user interface and remote being terrible... and little things like not being able to delete programmes when something is recording, etc, that had put me off the foxsat. Good to know they are still updating it.

You have been able to delete while recording for a long time. Deleting recordings can be quite slow though especially if the box is recording two HD channels. The remote is not brilliant, I use a Harmony remote anyway.


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Can i receive HD channels on Freesat or Freeview via an indoor HD aerial?

I live with one Km of the Crystal Palace transmitter in London and the digital reception is generally pretty strong


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If you're that close to Crystal Palace then you should be able to get Freeview HD indoors, I'd have imagined.


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One thing to bear in mind if choosing between Freesat & Freeview is that CH4-HD is on Freeview only at the moment, it may eventually come to Freesat once more UK only narrowbeam Astra satellite transponders become available with the launch of new satellites but for now there is no space.

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