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Humax Freesat PVR cable problem


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As a freesat newbie I am desperate for some help.

I live in an apartment with a shared dish and recently stopped subscribing to Sky and purchased a Humax Foxsat PVR.

My problem is that when recording certain channels I cannot access other channels.

I went to Maplins to purchase cables for the box and was told that two separate LNB cables would suffice.

The are two connection blocks in my apartment, one single SAT connector and another with SAT and RETURN connections. I have tried the various permutations and it only works with the SAT and RETURN connected. I have tried a factory reset but it still says only one cable is connected, hence my problem.

Does this mean I have a problem with the dish or am I using the wrong cables?


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Assuming you possess two cables with f-connectors (that screw to the receiver's LNB-in sockets), set up as follows (all changes to LNB cabling should be performed with receiver power disconnected) :
one cable between receiver's LNB1-out and LNB2-in sockets;
one cable between LNB1-in and the working SAT wall socket.
Do a reset to defaults. The receiver will now be set for single-LNB mode with some channel combination limitations.
Now move the cable from one wall SAT socket to the other. If this results in a no-signal condition, return to the original wall socket and continue to use in this mode.
If however the second wall socket also provides all channels, disconnect the cable that is on the LNB1-out socket and move that to the vacant wall SAT socket. Then do another reset to defaults. Barring any fault condition, this should result in full channel combinations being available.

edit: the return socket is probably to enable viewing the Sky receiver on TVs in other rooms. You would need extra equipment to facilitate that with the Foxsat.
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Hi Nvingo,

Thanks for your reply.

I have followed your instructions but I am still getting that connection type is single cable, is it possible that the communal dish we use is not set up for freesat?


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The communal dish is set up for Freesat and Sky - the same free channels are available to both from the same source.
What it doesn't appear to be set up for is Sky HD/Sky+ and Freesat+, as these require or benefit from two independant feeds to the recorder.
The Humax Foxsat HDR is more accommodating in being able to work with a single feed than Sky, albeit with certain channel combination limitations.

Did you determine that both or just one of the SAT sockets would provide a signal to the receiver?
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The first part of your instructions resulted in no signal from the satellite dish, I am be surprised that it may not set up to receive Freesat+ as it was installed only 4 years ago.

Does this mean then that the dish needs upgrading?


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It depends on what method is currently used to provide the satellite signals to each residence.
An inexpensive route for upto four feeds is a dish with a quad LNB - one cable to each of four residences.
For upto eight residences an Octo LNB could be used.
Neither of these would be the normal solution, that would involve a central distribution box (a switch) and a Quattro LNB (which requires that a switch be used).
In this case, the upgrade required is a second feed to each residence for the Sky/Freesat recorder, and a means of supplying the extra feeds - either an LNB or a switch with sufficient quantity of outputs.
The difficult part is in fitting the extra cables.

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