Humax freesat HDR1100s Question to anyone who has one

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I've been researching the Humax HDR 1100s.
I'm now bewildered and wish I never bothered.
Why anyone would buy one after reading about.....switching off problems, having to reboot every couple of days, slow start ups, no recording light to inform of recording, missed parts of the end of just a start to the long list of complaints, resulting in returns.
Amazon has the most complainers with Humax forums running a close second.
So what is the truth?
Are these reviews true, or is it competition making things up.?
I started out very enthusiastic, now Im not sure they are fit for purpose as some people state.
So Ive come on here to find out how they really do perform and if the complaints have any foundation.


Include the model number in the thread header?


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I've a Humax 1100 for ages,and thus far, apart from one glitch soon after I bought it its been fine. Some of the reviews written by people on Amazon are written by customers who have no idea what they're doing. Humax kit, apart from perhaps the new 4000 Freeview box all seem to be well respected. Check-out stuff here rather than relying on Amazon reviews...



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One should never use social media to review products and platforms because upon reading you wouldn't touch any of them with a barge pole. As only people with complaints and problems tend to use them.

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Post amended.
Thanks for the replies.
I thought as much.
Like so many I'm fed up of sky subscriptions.
The Humax 1100s would fit what the wife and I want to do with recording etc.
One point you may be able to answer for us.
Where we live the internet is too slow to use it for films or catch up tv.
Will the box still work without this function being connected?


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Yes it will, obviously without the backwards epg, and other On Demand services. I ran my HDR1000S without the network connection for 3 weeks as a test. You may have to wait a bit longer for software updates. They usually come out first on the internet with the OTA being a few days later.

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Can you tell me a bit about turning it on.
Do I put tv on first, wait a while and then switch the box on and wait again?
Some folk make it sound so slow that not waiting for a function to complete cocks the whole thing up.
I'd appreciate some guide to how best to avoid any turn on problems.

Dave Weystoner

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I've not thought about which way to start the TV and the 1100S, so I've probably done it both ways. The 1100S is a little slow to boot up from standby compared to a Sky+ box, but I can see no reason why switching on either way round should make a difference.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.
Is it as easy as just taking out the sky box and replacing leads and dish connections back in the same order?


The 1100S is a little slow to boot up from standby compared to a Sky+ box,
But the sky box is never really in a standby mode as in what most people would call standby. They us nearly as much juice in what they call standby as they do when fully on.

Dave Weystoner

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Is it as easy as just taking out the sky box and replacing leads and dish connections back in the same order?

Yes it is. I have 2 aerial leads in, and 1 HDMI and 1 fibre digital lead out, exactly the same as my Sky box. I need the digital connection (at least, I think I do) because my Arcam AV receiver won't process audio over HDMI; you may not need it.


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I've recently swapped from sky to a Humax 1010 and yes they are a little slow to boot up but not had any other issues with it so far (5 weeks). Getting use to the guide and record functions now which can take a while after 20 years of sky :(

The Freetime boxes use less than 0.5W in sby. A Sky box more than 40 times this. Basically in sby the only thing not working on a sky box is the video and audio outputs. Freetime boxes are in the same condition when recording in sby. If you try a boot in this condition it will be pretty much as fast as a sky box. Each Sky box in so called sby is costing you around £25.00 more in electricity than a freetime box. Try turning off a Sky box at the mains, and then measuring how long it takes to boot if you try booting as soon as the power is restored.

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