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Humax Foxsat recording/channel changing odd issues?


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Hi Everyone,

I really hope that members can help us as we are absolutely totally beffudled with our Humax recording problem. I have scoured the internet to see if i can come up with anything similar but I haven't been able to find our exact problem.

We have a humax foxsat, purchase 3 weeks ago. We have cable in form the satellite dish. As far as we are aware this is ok, but means you are unable to record two channels at once which isn't an issue for us.

We can record while watching a program fine, playback fine.

The issue is when setting a program or series to record. This works intermittently. Sometimes it will change the channel and record, other times it won't. Its completely random and does it on random channels. In the cases where it is not working, it appears to be recording, but only starts to actually record if you physically change the channel to the station it says its recording.

When changing to the desired channel for a second it says no signal and then picture displays and recording starts. Our signal strength is fine on all channels.

For instance, last night we tested it and set three things to record at different times through the night on different channels - grand designs, Pan Am and I robot. It recorded Grand Designs, changed channels to record Pan Am but no sign of I robot.

We have been doing a number of test this week and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to which it switches over to and records and which is doesn't.

We have done a factory reset, rescanned the channels a number of times, deleted everything off the hard drive but no difference.

Can anyone here shed any light on this please? We would be more than happy to answer any questions too so please ask away : )


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Thank you for the link I will go and check it out : ) At the moment we only need to record one channel and as long as it reliably does that with the loop cable we will be extremely relieved! :) Just ordered one from Amazon.


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Thank you for the link I will go and check it out : ) At the moment we only need to record one channel and as long as it reliably does that with the loop cable we will be extremely relieved! :) Just ordered one from Amazon.

You could have made up a link cable in seconds using a short length of coax and two f connectors.

You don't have to worry as the box won't let you make impossible recording reservations. The problem you had is because the box assumes that two tuners are connected to the one lnb (the purpose of the link) so letting you make recording choices that in fact couldn't be made. Even while recording two there are some 3rd channels you can watch as well. If you use the list command channels that can't be viewed are greyed out and the up/down channel buttons cycle through the available choices.

Example recording BBC-HD and BBC1-HD at the same time you can watch any of the following (and also use live pause) - Note 101 103 depends on which postcode you are using as does 119

121 Channel 4 + 1
122 E4
123 E4 +1
124 More4
975 Channel 4 + 1
103 ITV 1 London
103 ITV 1 Granada
103 ITV 1 Anglia North
103 ITV 1  Central West
113 ITV2
117 ITV4
602 CITV
977 ITV 1 London (audio described)
101 BBC One
201 BBC Parliament
952 BBC 1 E Mids
953 BBC 1 East (E)
964 BBC 1 Wales
963 BBC 1 W Mids
967 BBC 1 Eyrks*L
971 BBC 2 W
101 BBC One
956 BBC 1 NE & C
957 BBC 1 NI
958 BBC 1 Oxford
961 BBC 1 South
962 BBC 1 S West
969 BBC 2 NI
103 STV
103 UTV
112 ITV1 + 1
115 ITV3
116 ITV3 +1
731 Talk Sport Radio
119 ITV 1 HD (Granada)
126 CH4 HD
209 NHK World TV - HD
304 Movies4Men
306 Movies4Men2
724 Absolute Radio 
725 Absolute Classic Rock 
726 Absolute 80's 
728 WRN 
729 JazzFM
777 Insight Radio 
790 TWR Radio
307 Movies4men2+1
403 Showcase
504 B4U Music
651 Renault TV
692 Revelation
302 True Movies
303 True Movies 2
500 Chart Show TV
501 The Vault
502 Flava
503 Scuzz
516 NME TV
517 Bliss
603 POP
604 POPGirl
605 Tiny POP
606 Kix!
134 CBS Drama
204 Euronews
652 Psychic TV
870 Babestation
205 France 24
208 Bloomberg TV
801 price drop
814 Speed Auction
693 Islam Channel
815 Jewellery Ch
203 Al Jazeera English


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Thank you for your reply and information. That's the problem when you live in the middle of nowhere, it would have been a 20 mile round trip just to buy the connectors. Amazons easier! :thumbsup:

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