Humax Foxsat HDR Sound Adjustment in HD


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Just set up a new Humax Foxsat HDR. The problem I have is that the sound is not adjustable from the Humax on both the BBC and ITV (108,119) HD Channels and have to have the TV volume very high which seems to distort it. It is fine on all other Channels. I have tried connecting to all the HMDI sockets on my new Sony KDL40Z5800 Freesat television (4 Off) but no change in the problem. If I connect a scart cable the sound is adjustable on all channels including HD (with a loss in picture quality). I am suspecting the HMDI cable which came with the Foxstat but without purchasing a new one I have no means of checking it. I notice others have difficulty matching sound from the Humax to the television but this does not seem to be the case in my situation. Any other ideas please?


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The volume can not be adjusted on the HD channels - so there is no fault on the box.

The trick is to set the TV volume when on the HD channels to your liking, then adjust the HDR's volume to the same level on the SD channels.


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Dolby Digital is quieter than MP2 audio, and unfortunately, you can not adjust the volume level (from the box).

The poster above suggested the only work around which is to set the TV vol to a comfortable level with HD and then lower the SD channels' volume downward to the same perceived level.


For anyone else reading this thread, remember that if you are using the Optical audio output to an AV amp, the volume level setting on the HDR does not affect the signal that is output via optical, so this workaround won't work and you'll have to put up with the difference in level.


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Thanks a million to both of you especially son-t responding immediately. Not actually had time to fiddle but good to know not a problem with the box or satellite connection. Must admit disappointed that sound is a technical problem beyond my limited knowledge, especially as this box has good write ups. I have connected the TV back onto direct Freesat for the time being and the sound is much improved. Now need to wade through the manual to find out how to record. Will post back when everything settled.

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