Humax foxsat HDR - a few channels missing; same missing channels on Foxsat (no HDR)


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My setup is unchanged in several 9+ years and I have had very few difficulties - just occasional hedge trimming (dish is near to ground) and an LNB change 3 years ago.

I have one dish, one 4-way LNB. This feeds two TVs - one of these has a foxsat box, the other TV has a foxsat HDR box.

About 2 weeks ago ITV HD went off, just the usual 'No or bad signal' is displayed.

But today I noticed that 157, 158, 159 are also missing. That is, Dave, Drama, Yesterday. They were ok last evening.

I've tried all I can but no success.

On the no HDR I did a factory reset (to no avail) but I did notice that the four missing channels were the final four to display on the list as it was being populated during tuning. The fact that the 4 missing signals were the last to load (but they didn't) seems a clue, but I don't know any more.

Can someone point me, please?


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The Foxsat-HDR has a jolly good signal strength/quality meter in the Menu system and during manual tuning.
Use it, as it may give a clue.

Dave, Yesterday etc.,. are on 12.129 GHz, Vertical (so Hi band).
ITV is on multiple frequencies depending on the exact region your postcode allocates, so it's difficult to know what frequency transponder you have lost for that but a couple of ITVs are in Hi band.

Many freesat transponders are Lo band and this may indicate that the 22kHz tone switching isn't working on the LNB? (As both boxes give the same symptom).

But it may be a dish alignment and/or cable loss issue as well?

Low band reception = 10.70–11.70 GHz.
High band reception = 11.70–12.75 GHz.

If Hi band is missing, then Forces TV, Challenge and Together should also be missing (11.836 H) and Quest, DMax, Food Network (12.382 H).


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Thanks for the help.

Just as mysteriously, they are all back this evening. I can only put it down to the LNB getting moisture inside (huge rainstorm 48hrs ago) but today it's been 30deg all day - dried out the LNB?

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