Humax Foxsat HDR - 500gm - Multi sat


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I treated myself to the above in the sales to replace my technomate.

I currently have a dual LNB set-up through a Disq unit to receive Astra 28 and Hotbird, with an option to swing it round to Astra 19.

I woorked out how to programm the Humax to pick up the Freesat channels OR Hotbird, but not together as I used to on the Technomate - I could flick through the channels between the two satellites transparently. Is there any way i can do this on the Humax without manually resetting the STB menu each timew I want to sawp satellites? I have only connected one tuner at the moment - could I achieve it by disconnecting the Discq unit and running 2 separate cables to each tuner?


Freesat machines are meant for receiving Freesat and that's on 28E.
They CAN be made to work on other satellites, so there must be a menu option somewhere to specify that 28 is DiSeqc1 and 13 DisSeqc2 or the equivalent, just as there must have been on your Techno.
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