Humax foxsat HDR 500gb - AUDIO QUESTION


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Jan 12, 2013
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Is it possible to take the audio from the humax via the USB port into a DAC? If so, how do I set it up?
What, you mean have the Foxsat-HDR output audio via the USB port in realtime? If so, no.

If you mean taking a video file the Foxsat-HDR has recorded, copying the file to a USB device, connecting that device to a computer, extracting the audio and converting it to some format other than MP2/AC3, then yes.
You can feed a dac using the s/pdif output if you want to use the live audio.

Optical to coax converters aren't expensive if the dac needs coax input.
Optical to coax converters aren't expensive if the dac needs coax input.

Agreed; I have my Foxsat-HDR hooked up to the amp that way as the two opticals were in use (Xbox 360 and HTPC). The co-ax functions the same way with the optical converter. Only caveat I have with the Foxsat-HDR's optical is that it outputs more quietly than the other devices - I think this is true about all the audio outputs actually. This means a poorer signal-to-noise ratio on the analogue ones (SCART and dual RCAs) but less chance of distortion on any.

Anyway the optical to coax converter I used was this one from Amazon. Ordered via Cable Mountain: dispatched within 3 hours, arrived within 48 hours. THAT'S service.

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