Humax fancies Nicole Kidman


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I have a Humax 9200 which on the whole works faultlessly. However it has recently been taking a liking to Nicole Kidman in an ad for some pda thingy and freezes the picture at the same place. Its done this on 4 or 5 occasions now, only with Ms Kidman , same ad, same place and nothing can be done except pulling the plug to reboot it. Nothing on the remote works, not even pressing the on off button on the 9200.
Anyone got any ideas? :confused:


My mums 9200 is doing exactly the same thing,and on the same nicole kidman ds ad, having spoke to humax they seem to think a software upgrade will sort it, we were given the option of downloading it or sending it off to them, which is what we will do as we don't have the leads.


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Amazing :eek::eek::eek:


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Theres been a hat full of reports of the phenomena on Humax centered forums. I take it this was from a channel that is multiplex 2 like channel 4? I've left one of my machines on channel 4 for about 48hrs now to try and claim my free picture of Nicole Kidman (I mean reproduce it) with no luck. Sounds very much to me like something in that multiplex MHEG broadcasts introduced a few weeks ago is at the route of it, although as many have seen it but many havent even though on the same channel at the same time it occurs, it could be to do with something else like regional transmitters or something.

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