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humax F2-FoxT no volume control




I just bought a Humax F2-FOX T freeview box and the volume control does not function?

Looking at the Humax web site it appears that if the Dolby Digital is selected (via a menu) then this is disabled. I've been through the instructions and can't find any reference to it, also there is nothing on the on screen menus. I'm assuming the volume control just alters the line out level to the phonos and the audio output in the scarts? Is this correct?

Any help would be much appreciated.
(extract from Humax site below)

Q.Dolby Digital (AC-3) bitstream Output (SPDIF)
A. Humax STB (limit to the model which has SPDIF terminal) supports the Stream Output function of Dolby Digital (Project name AC-3) which allows the customers to enjoy the 5.1 channel digital sound when the SPDIF terminal in Humax STB back panel is connected with an Amplifier embedded Dolby Digital decoder or appropriable decoder.
Humax STB supports only the Dolby Digital stream output and customers have to additionally buy the Dolby Digital decoder because that is not embedded in Humax STB. Even though customers have all equipment, it is not possible to receive the Dolby Digital in a way of 5.1 Channel when the channel (service) you watching is not providing Dolby encoding audio.

1. Connect the SPDIF cable and SPDIF output terminal in the back of the Box.
2. When the Box receives the Dolby Digital encoding broadcasting, the Dolby icon will be displayed at right upper side on the screen and gone a few seconds later but the icon will be maintained in i plate as long as you watch the channel.
3. 'Menu' in Set-top box menu asystem setting a set the switch to 'On' in 'Dolby Digital ON/OFF' menu.

When 'Dolby Digital ON/OFF' switch is 'On',
1) The Audio Output of SCART or RF RCA is disabled
2) The Volume key is not under control
3) The Soundtrack Left/Right key is not operating.


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Gary I presume you have doscovered that even if you get a STB that supports DD 5.1 Freeview does not transmit 5.1. The best you will get; using a suitable amplifier is Dolby ProLogic II simulated surround sound.


E Thomson

Standard Member
I got one of these for Xmas and I cannot get the remote control to work at all, if I press the tv button and a channel button simultaneously a red light comes on the tv button, other than that nothing. All other buttons do not work at all. I can change the channels using the features on the actual box but not using the remote control. Anybody help.


Ours has a DTV button for freeview, I think you ned to press this? For volume etc. you have to configure it to your telly, it gives the codes etc. at the back of the instructions.

E Thomson

Standard Member
NO! But when I press the tv button and a numeric button the red light flashes on the tv button. That is all that happens. When I first connected the box last night it worked fine but when I started trying to use the codes to operate my tv that is when the problem started. Remote froze and nothing since.


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when I started trying to use the codes to operate my tv that is when the problem started. Remote froze and nothing since.

Try this, remove a battery from the remote, press any button on it, refit the battery and see if it now works.

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