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My Humax freeview box has stopped responding to the remote control. The buttons on the front of the box work okay.

Is there any way I can find out if it is the remote control or the infrared receptor on the Fox itself that is at fault? And does anyone have any suggestions about cheap repairs?


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Try simple things first like changing the batteries


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Mine does this from time to time, although not too often. In my case the box becomes totally unresponsive and the only thing to fix it is to unplug it from the mains and start again. I have never had a case where the remote stops working an the unit's buttons are fine though - probably worth a go anyway.

I presume the warranty has expired..? Give Humax themselves a try, they have been very helpful whenever I contact them and they generally have a good reputation for support.


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Hi Guys,

Well, I am most surprised! I had been switching off the Fox at the wall outlet but hadn't tried unplugging it altogether. I did so and it has revived it, mostly. There must be a trickle of current from the outlet to the Fox somehow for this to work. Odd!

I had put in new batteries in the remote but have just put in better quality ones and this has smartened up the response. So between you my problems seem to be over. The only thing that doesn't work now on the remote is the TV volume control but this may just be a matter of configuring my TV to it again.

Actually I may not have to do this anyway. I've been having trouble with my Sony dvd recorder so, following on from the success with Fox, I unplugged the recorder, the aerial and the scarts, and totally re-installed the system. It now seems to be working fine. The Sony recorder remote controls the TV, too, so sound is now no problem.

The Sony recorder doesn't have a built in Freeview tuner so it must get these channels through the Fox. I shall now just leave the Fox on standby while we watch TV - I think we may have been turning it off altogether.

I'm very grateful for your quick replies. May 2008 bring you good fortune and good watching.

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